A concierge medical practice with decades of experience behind it.
Both Dr. Iyer and Dr. Gade have been practicing medicine over twenty years and launched WIM together successfully in 2008 in order to create an exceptional patient experience.

Our doctors and staff are available to you all the time.
We don’t believe in long menu options – our medical assistant answers all office calls and if you have an urgent matter day or night, all our patients are provided with their doctor’s cell phone number and email to reach them quickly.

If you’re too ill to come to our office, we’ll come to your house or office….the same day!

We make appointments to fit your schedule, not ours.
During regular business hours, our personal doctors will see you at your convenience. Alternatively, we’ll discuss your problem on the phone and decide if you need to be seen by a physician urgently.

You’ll have direct access to your personal doctor via email, text, office phone, or cell phone.
No intermediaries.

Minimized waiting time.
Since our concierge medical practice accepts significantly fewer patients than traditional offices we can see you with little or no waiting time.

Longer appointments for quality care and personalized medicine.
We schedule leisurely half-hour appointments, not the 10-15 minute sessions most offices book. Our patients never feel rushed.

Health Care Solution

Direct access to your doctor
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