After practicing medicine in a traditional practice for 10 plus years, we witnessed all the best as well as the worst medicine had to offer. We loved our patients and the care we were able to offer them, but we realized if we wanted to continue to deliver the high quality health care we believed in, barriers would have to be broken. As a result, in 2008 we launched Wilton Internal Medicine, LLC. a personalized medical practice, or concierge practice as many have come to know it. What is the difference between a regular medical practice and ours? Everything! Our patients are able to reach us directly – all our patients have our cell phone numbers and can call the office during the day to reach a real, live person – no long menu options. Of course many prefer to email or text us which works great for us too. There is no such thing as waiting a few days or weeks to see the doctor if you’re sick – we have time to see you the same day you call and if you’re not in town, we can call in medication wherever you may be.

House calls are part of our everyday routine for patients that want or need them – no more wondering how Mom or Dad is going to manage to get out of the house to get to the doctor – the doctor comes to them. We take care of many elderly patients in their home, assisted living facilities, or nursing homes and time and time again have avoided unnecessary hospitalizations by being able to follow their conditions closely at the bedside. We’ve stopped many a ‘revolving door’ to the ER. For the busy business-person, we can also make an ‘office call’ if you’re too tied up at work to leave. We welcome corporate accounts.

As our motto suggests, the time we are able to spend with our patients has given us opportunities that we never could have imagined – office visits are far from the traditional diagnose and treat five-ten minute appointment we all hear too much of these days; we designate a minimum of 30 minutes per visit, more if necessary, which is never a problem. Patients are always welcome to call us to discuss a problem when is convenient for them, not only during business hours. We have time to get to know our patients in the real sense of the word and can truly say we’ve developed a special relationship with each and every one of them.

Many of our patients have been with us since our beginning as well as many new ones since – we welcome anyone who may be interested to come meet with us to learn more about what we and many feel to be a unique medical practice.